Spiritual Firewall Manual (Edition One)

by James Farganne



1. It is my belief that everyone living on this planet today is being manipulated by way of electromagnetic frequencies. For the vast majority of us, cell towers are the main source of this manipulation. An elite power structure is using cellular towers and devices to experiment with, and to effect, mood alteration and mind control.

2. The manipulation is managed, and feedback processed, by Artificial Intelligence. This AI and all vectors by which it effects electromagnetic manipulation, harassment, and in some cases outright torture, as well as the agenda behind all this activity, I place under the umbrella term “The Program”.

3. The vast majority of people have no idea they are being manipulated in this fashion.

4. Some percentage of the population – I am guessing the number is way up in the millions – have been selected and singled out as test subjects for feedback analysis. These people are closely monitored and tweaked on an individual basis, sometimes by humans (Technicians) behind the AI. Some researchers and whistleblowers have claimed that satellites are also being deployed against Targeted Individuals (TI’s).

5. The Technicians believe that people are completely hackable and defenseless biological information processing systems.

6. I say they are wrong. This Project is dedicated to:

a. bringing victims out of isolation;
b. enabling victims to network;
c. compiling ways to defend against psychotronic influence.

7. THIS IS NOT A NEW-AGE HANGOUT. By “Spiritual” I mean to denote a comprehensive approach to protecting the organic entirety of your being: physical, mental, emotional, etc. The techniques that I have discovered so far, for myself, would be categorized as “spiritual” in nature. Even if you have no “spiritual” leanings, then there are technologies that will help you. So don’t be thrown by the word “spiritual”. To me, it’s an umbrella word for the totality of our being.

8. This is a work in progress. I am continuing to flesh out my initial contribution to the project – my story, my techniques – and the idea is that this document, which will eventually be made available as a .PDF, will include the stories, testimonies, and recommendations of other experiencers as well.

My Story

In spring of 1998, Parameters, the quarterly journal of the U.S. Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute, published an article with chilling implications for us all.

Viewing our bodies as biological data processing systems, the author naturally concluded and made the case that hacking those systems so as to manipulate them was of crucial strategic warfighting importance. He described many existing technologies capable of remotely influencing, harassing, torturing, maiming, and killing us. Of course, there must have been other, classified technologies that he did not mention; and of course, the article purported to explore ways to deploy the ones he did mention against enemy combatants, not the general domestic public.

Since 1998, anyone who is now awake and aware has been given many reasons to understand that we are all, potentially or actually, enemy combatants. The power structure on this planet, whatever its true nature, structure, and scope, clearly views the public not only as energy ranch cattle to exploit, but also as a potential threat to their long-term agenda: 100%, full-spectrum dominance of, and control over, our bodies and our minds. This is not wild-eyed “conspiracy theory”. It is established Conspiracy Fact. Those of us who have bothered to consult the technocratic elites’ own publications, and have read their agenda laid out in their very own words, can attest to it.

If by some weird chance you’ve read this far and now find yourself jeering and making jokes about tinfoil hats, I can only wish you farewell and the best of luck. You’re going to need it very much.

Now back to the Parameters article. I hope and pray that one day it becomes a world-historical case of the power elite shooting itself in the foot before inserting said foot into mouth; for it provided the seed that took root in my mind and grew into the inception of this Project.

The article, by one Timothy L. Thomas, was titled, “The Mind Has No Firewall”.

The mind has no firewall? Really? As a trained meditator in the Korean Zen tradition, and as a man of spiritual experience and dimension, I was struck, if not shocked, by the arrogance of that statement.

Why is it arrogant? Because of its assumptions. If intellectual constructs were architecture, I would describe those assumptions as sterile, featureless post-modern castles built on a quicksand of perverse ignorance.

First, that title, along with the article itself, assumes that we are biological data processing systems (biological computers), and nothing more. Do we process data? Of course we do. We live in an informational universe. Our bodies are electrical. Our nerves, our senses, our autonomic functions, our hearts, all our brain activity, our immune systems, hormonal fluctuations – it is perfectly accurate to say that all of it, indeed our survival from nanosecond to nanosecond, depends on the ability of our flesh-and-bone machinery to process data properly.

In addition, each of us projects a unique electromagnetic “fingerprint” or “signature”. Our brains emit electromagnetic frequencies generally in the range of 1 – 25 Hertz. You could also say accurately that we are biological antennas, capable of both emitting and receiving EMF signals.

So, yes, we are indeed biological data processing systems. But it is the appalling and childish arrogance of the modern scientific point of view that enables it to make the ridiculous assumption that those things are all we are.

In fact, it’s not just an assumption. In the halls of that post-modern religion known as academic science – where the priests wear white robes instead of black – it is a dogma. And any scientist who dares challenge that dogma, or question it in any way, will lose credibility and, worse, funding. Those who do go against the materialist grain – and there are some notable examples, including the great Rupert Sheldrake – must cultivate some means of supporting themselves without the support of the general establishment.

Back to that title again. The second foolish assumption that it makes is based squarely on the first, and it is the answer to this question: What is the mind? And the doctrinaire post-modern scientific priestly answer?

The mind is an epiphenomenon of the brain.

The less fancy way of saying that is:

The mind is merely what the brain does.

The inevitable conclusions of such a proclamation are that there is no mind outside the brain; the mind is just a sort of illusion that the brain projects, so that the mind blinks out into oblivion when the brain dies, so that there is nothing before physical birth, and there is nothing after physical death, and oh, by the way, there is no Creator, or God, or gods, or angels, or demons, or djinn, or ghosts, nothing that is mysterious, or beyond the grasp of the cold steel claw of instrument-based detection and analysis; there is only matter, and energy as classified into a few limited categories that can be measured and channeled and clocked and exploited, primarily so that money can be made – and all the wisdom of the ancient masters who created things like meridian-based acupuncture, which is predicated on the existence of chi, which the laboratory priests can’t monitor with suction cups and a digital readout, nor can they exploit it move markets and fight wars – all of that old stuff is just a superstitious crock. Never mind the results. Never mind the evidence. Never mind the data. If it doesn’t fit the dogma, it’s “out there” in woo-woo land, and that’s that.

Of course the assumption is completely false, and even those who have never experienced anything metaphysical can consult a great number of scientific studies that have shown clearly that the mind is anything but a passive product of the brain. One established phenomenon that falsifies the assumption is that of neural plasticity (or neuroplasticity). Scientific studies have documented that the brains of subjects who engaged in meditation courses showed significant alterations and improvements in their neural wiring. Meditation is a mental enterprise: an activity of the mind. If the mind were really just a passive product of the brain, how could it ever do any work to recursively effect changes in the brain that produced it?

Answer: it could not.

(One writer and radio host who has taken many a materialist to the ropes with all this research is Alex Tsakiris. He has tirelessly, and successfully, challenged this doctrine and exposed it for the fraud that it is.)

The third foolish assumption arises logically and also erroneously out of the first two: that our flesh-computers are somehow inferior to the ones on our desks, in that they can “have no firewall”.

I will cut the author some slack. Some of the weapons he describes will outright kill the physical body. I could also take an aluminum baseball bat to this computer, and it would not survive the assault. This computer’s firewall is not intended to ward off that kind of danger. So, we need to keep our analogies straight.

The idea of the Spiritual Firewall is to develop and maintain protection against more subtle, less grossly physical forms of remote manipulation. Here we get into the topics of psychotronic harassment and mind control.

With the rise of the internet, a great many more claims about the nature and scope of psychotronic harassment have come to light since the publication of that article in 1998. Doubtless they are laced with disinformation. I am not an engineer or technician of any kind, so it is impossible for me to verify or debunk them with any certainty. I am, however, an experiencer of psychotronic torture. I know that it is real, and that many others around the world are suffering from it.

So how does this technology work? How is it deployed? From what research I have done, and having consulted open-minded electronic engineers on the topic, I can only present to you what I consider to be the most likely scenario.

But first, I will relate an anecdote from my own experiences so as to give you an idea of what I have been through, why I am moved start this Project, and why I have come to my own particular take on how the psychotronic harassment program might work. If you are an electronic engineer or can bring any other relevant area of expertise to bear on this issue, I welcome your input.

 I live in the electromagnetic ocean that is Seoul, Republic of Korea. This country has been called “the most wired nation on Earth”. If you want to work in this city, it is all but mandatory that you carry a cellular phone. One awful, stone-gray winter afternoon in the year 2011, I was hunched in the fetal position under my dining room table. Faintly seething throughout and around my body was an all-too-familiar sensation that is difficult to describe. The best I can do is to ask if you have ever touched your tongue to the poles of a weak 9-volt battery:


If you have, you’ll know the feeling. A very thin and nasty electrical sensation within and around the surface of the tongue, accompanied by what I describe as a metallic, astringently salty aftertaste. For me, there under that table, it was as if my whole body were a giant tongue being pressed and held against the poles of a giant 9-volt battery cell.

But that bodily sensation was nothing next to the horror of what was happening to my mind. The mind is something I understand perhaps better than most. Several years earlier, I had been such a serious student of meditation that I had spent nine months living and training in a Korean Seon (Zen) temple in the distant countryside. There, the abbot – a cosmologist-turned-monk who was fond of saying that modern physics had grasped “about 5%” – taught me a meditative technique that he called “Watching the Weather”. It goes something like this:

Sitting on your cushion or chair, you let your eyelids drop until there is just a blurry sliver of light coming in – that light is to help keep your brain from nodding off to sleep.

In the beginning, to establish concentration and clear the mind, it helps to count breaths from 1 to 10, and then from 10 back down to 1.

You might notice that at first, you can’t do it: you keep getting distracted by memories, anxieties, or other thoughts, and by the emotions they produce. That is fine. In fact, it is an entry point into the practice of the technique itself. If you’ve lost count, try to note where you lost it, and resume.

Does it keep happening? Good! Now stop the counting and just watch the intruding thought. If it is pleasant, don’t cling to it; likewise, if it is painful, don’t push it away.

Just watch it. What will happen? Will it stay forever? Of course it won’t. Will it lead to another thought? Will it simply fade away? If it does, what thought or emotion will come next? And if it did not emerge from the previous thought, the one that faded away, where then did this one come from?

Again, no clinging to pleasant mind-states, and no pushing-away of painful ones.

In this practice, you are akin to someone sitting on top of a hill, watching the weather – watching the clouds come and go, the sunlight change and the shadows shift. You can do nothing to control any of it. You only observe.

If anger comes, you don’t think, “I am angry,” but “There is anger.”

If boredom comes, you don’t think, “I am bored,” but “There is boredom.”

If sadness comes, you don’t think, “I am sad,” but “There is sadness.”

As you become better at this practice, you might discover an interesting question, one which words can never answer. How will you answer it once it arises? That is for you to discover. Good luck!

As a practitioner of “Watching the Weather”, I can tell you that its title is a wonderfully apt analogy to the “inner weather” of thoughts and emotions. They both occur and behave much the same. There will be overcast skies, partly cloudy ones, fronts bringing storms or gentle rains; sometimes snow, sometimes hail; sometimes just dreary mist or fog; sometimes a tornado, a hurricane! And, very occasionally, of course, there will be the peace and clarity of a pure, azure, infinitely empty sky.

The activity in my mind that day, me curled up under that table, was nothing like that at all. There was nothing organic, nothing natural about it. I can best describe it as relentless, repetitive, and viciously mechanical. It was also cyclical, rotating a gamut of specific memories, thoughts, and emotions in clockwork fashion.

These memories consisted of things I had done in the distant past of which I was none too proud, and still a little embarrassed or ashamed. In the weather-watching meditation, these might appear as memories producing squalls of emotion. If you try to push them away, they will later return to you all the stronger; but if you let them run their course and dissipate, then even if they do return, they tend to do so with diminishing force, until they are eventually resolved.

Even outside a meditative context, we all experience the reliving of unpleasant distant memories. We might feel bad for a little while, but then something else comes up to distract us away from them. In that case, even if we have done no work to resolve them, we forget them again. Our minds turn to other objects of attention, and even if we are not mindful of the fact, we are relieved. (The monk would say that the memory had returned to our subconscious, to percolate up again to the sky of the conscious mind as the weather may.)

Under the table, I would get no such relief. Endlessly, the memories and thoughts and emotions cycled like a pinwheel made of knives, stabbing at my heart, slicing my emotional body to pieces.

If you’ve ever lost someone dear to you and experienced emotional pain so profound it hurt you physically, that was the state I was in – but over what? The loss of a loved one? No. It was nothing more than a set of memories of things I had done, of which I would normally have been somewhat ashamed, nothing more.

Eventually, it got so bad that I had to get up and go somewhere, anywhere. I had to move. There was nowhere I felt I could go. In desperation, I called a friend and tried to tell him about my distressed state, but couldn’t get the words out. He told me to come over to his house; he’d make me some dinner, and we would talk it out. A few minutes later, I started the 75-minute journey to his place, carrying a fully (100%) charged Apple iPhone®.

(I’ll want you to refer to that phrase in bold when I mention it further on, for it is a detail with crucial and damning implications for the topic at hand.)

The torture was unrelenting as I progressed through the city of Seoul toward his house, taking a succession of buses and trains. When I finally arrived, I found he had prepared a spread of food that ought to have brought some comfort to any friend in emotional distress. No such comfort for me that day. I tried to eat but couldn’t. Everything had a metallic salty taste. I was now experiencing muscle twitches in my hands and face. I’m sure it was an awkward situation for him. I was an obvious basket case, and he had no idea how to help beyond asking questions to which I could formulate no coherent reply. Eventually, when he suggested taking me to the hospital, I panicked, said I was sorry, and abruptly ran out.

It was now dark, and the viciously repetitive cycle in my mind was only intensifying as I made my way on a roundabout path home. I began to wonder if he hadn’t been right – perhaps the hospital was actually the place I needed to go. That would mean I was crazy. That would mean I was insane. I would be labeled, confined, and probably drugged. This prospect was intolerable to me. So was the idea of continuing to wander around the city. So was that of going home. There was no way out of the crucible. No way out but –


No way out but –


At that point, my train was approaching a railway bridge. We would soon cross the Han River heading southbound into the Gangnam area of Seoul. A full kilometer of icy black water lay ahead. A drop of perhaps four seconds into shattering oblivion. Then into transition. Transition away to some other place, maybe another place away from the pain…

The train was approaching Oksu Station – the last one before it trundled out onto the railway bridge.

Get off the train walk out on the bridge and jump
Get off the train walk out on the bridge and jump
Get off the train walk out on the bridge and jump
You deserve it you deserve it you deserve to die
You deserve it you deserve it you deserve to die
You deserve it you deserve it you deserve to die
Get off the train walk out on the bridge and jump…..

Now these were actual words. Not audible words as you hear with your ears – not voice-to-skull type stuff – but the kind you “hear” when you talk to yourself mentally, not using your physical voice.

And at that point, something clicked.

It had been five years since I’d trained in that temple, and abruptly I remembered the weather-watching meditation. The train was now pulling to a stop. I sat in a seat at the end of my bench, right next to a pair of doors, clutching the rail as hard as I could. And by the time those doors slid open, I was once again an observer of the weather, watching it from the top of my mental hill.

By the time the train had started picking up speed over the river, I was no longer suffering. The horrible “weather” had not abated, but I could very clearly perceive that it was not my own, internal weather. At that point, it was no longer personal. It was a phenomenon to observe. Where had it come from? Where would it go? It is hard to describe how I came by this impression, but it seemed to me (I’ve studied audio engineering) to be a square-wave phenomenon, meaning that it was digital in nature, and very harshly, abrasively so. It had a nasty, gritty woodpecker quality to it. To represent it visually within the weather-watching metaphor, there was nothing but black sky and darkness all around, with the words, the words of death by suicide, printed in white 8-bit letters that flickered at about the rate of 17 to 20 Hz against the pitch black sky.

avd2I just sat there, watching it grow in intensity, until abruptly – right about the point where the train left the railway bridge – it vanished altogether. No transition. Like the flick of a light switch. Just like that, it was GONE, and I was left to sit with my face in my palms, wondering what the hell had just happened, WHY it had happened, what it could possibly mean – my face in my hands, confused but enormously grateful and relieved, listening for my destination to be announced.

When I arrived, I got off and just stood there on the platform for a while. I realized that I had completely lost all sense of time and could not remember how long I had been wandering vaguely toward home. There was no clock anywhere, so that’s when I thought to check the cell phone. I had not removed it from my pocket since leaving home that afternoon, and had all but forgotten it was even there.

Here is where I refer you back to that phrase in bold about the phone having left my house with a full charge. It had charged all the previous night and all morning. The last thing I had done before leaving the apartment was to remove it from the charger. I remembered seeing the green “full battery” icon and a notification to unplug it when I did so.

Standing there on the platform, I swiped the screen of the phone and was shocked to find that the battery level had dropped from full charge all the way down to 43%.

Not ONCE, all day, had I used it. I hadn’t even so much as touched the damned thing. I had been in no state of mind to be having conversations, taking pictures, or surfing the net. Yet the battery charge had plummeted! To 43%??? This was something that had never happened before, with any phone, and has never once happened since. I’d never gotten optimal life out of any cell battery, but had never experienced anything remotely approaching a 57% depletion after ZERO USE.

To this day, I have no comprehensive technical explanation for what happened, but it seems clear to me that the phone was being used to target my body and mind. That episode didn’t happen out of the blue, either; it was actually an extreme exacerbation of everyday symptoms that I’d been having for some time. I had already suspected outside influences. Now the incident with the phone gave me a prime suspect, a lead. I began to research as best I could what might account for that experience. Being skeptical by nature helps me to avoid swallowing disinformation. Lacking a technical background, on the other hand, I have had a difficult time determining just what is feasible. Add to this the fact that even some engineers and technicians I have consulted will readily admit that their knowledge of what is feasible might well be limited, and the waters get very murky indeed.

That said, it doesn’t hurt to speculate and make educated guesses. Doing so produces hypotheses which can then be vetted by qualified people.

My own sense is that the infrastructure of the psychotronic mind control system is most likely a variation on the Remote Neural Monitoring (RMN) concept. Models vary, but the basic idea is that a vast CPU (or AI) tracks targeted individuals (TI’s) via cell towers (some claim satellites) by honing in on their electromagnetic signatures. In this scenario, the AI somehow reads the target’s memories, thoughts, feelings, etc., and then processes or “enhances” them for recording and playback (re-induction back into the target for manipulation, harassment, or torture).

For obvious reasons, such a model, or something like it, would go a long way toward accounting for the phone battery’s depletion on that horrible day.

After that incident, I got into the habit of minimizing my exposure to the phone. I kept it as far removed from my body as I could at all times, and would turn it off at night or whenever else possible. Despite having a decent living situation, I continued to experience more or less constant bouts of anxiety, hopelessness, profound irritation, and loathing of myself and the world around me. The pain was never anywhere near as intense as it had been on that awful day, but it was enough to turn everyday life into a painful grind. The suffering continued to have that inorganic feeling to it, as if it were coming into me from outside, and I couldn’t meditate it away 24/7. I began to surmise that the phone could be just one of any number of other interface components in a multi-vector system.

A year later, something happened that corroborated my hypothesis that the phone had been somehow used to torture me. After months of intercepted attempts, I had finally managed to establish contact with Jim Stone, a former NSA electronic warfare analyst who had published a report proving that the Fukushima disaster of 3-11-11 was not a natural event, but an act of nuclear sabotage. This information was massively suppressed, even in the “alternative” media. I tried to help Jim out by publishing short articles on the report at Henry Makow‘s website. At one point in our email correspondence, I mentioned to him my symptoms and my suspicions regarding the cell phone. His immediate and emphatic reply was that I should turn it off, take out the battery, and stow it away in a shoebox for at least a month.

So that’s what I did. Gradually, my state of mind began to improve. I continued to notice symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity, but these were mostly bodily, and more or less manageable. By the end of the month, I felt a lot better mentally and emotionally. The “weather” was a lot more like my own. Once again, there were good days, bad days, and days in between. I was still being exposed to other people’s cell phones, yet my condition had changed markedly for the better. This corroborated the theory that my phone had been used specifically to target me.

Still, something was not quite right. Removing the phone from the equation had made a difference, but there remained the nagging feeling that there was something more to all of this. One day I was washing the dishes and pondering on all of this, when there came what I refer to as a “download”.

I call it a download because that was exactly what it was like. It was as effortless and impersonal as your computer receiving a file after the click of a mouse button. Something “clicked”, and the next instant, the “file” was open in my mind. I did not think it up, or think my way toward it. As I said, I had been pondering – that is, questioning, wondering – rather than thinking or imagining toward conclusions. Yet in the blink of an idea, all the information in the download appeared complete and interconnected, replete with a phrase I took to be the file’s title. It was:


The rest of the download appeared as interconnected images and diagrams, all of them simultaneously accessible to my mind’s eye. For that reason, I guess you could call it a vision, and this is what I saw. Most people on the planet were meant to consume nanotech materials designed to interact with electromagnetic frequencies for the purpose of effecting full-spectrum (TOTAL) mass and individualized mind control. Vectors for deploying the nanotech and other interface mechanisms would include processed foods, municipal water supplies, aerial spraying, cosmetics, vaccines, medical implants, and pharmaceuticals. The goal of this agenda would be to exterminate free will. After depopulation had been effected, the remaining population remotely controlled by a central AI. It would be self-policing. Compliance would be universal and complete. The very concepts of privacy, autonomy, and resistance would cease to exist. End transmission.

The first thing I did was to go look up the word “golem”. All I knew was that it denoted some kind of a monster in ancient lore. Where then had this coinage “golemization” come from? Checking into it, I found this striking passage under the “Etymology” heading of the Wikipedia entry for “Golem”:

In Modern Hebrew, golem is used to mean “dumb” or “helpless”. Similarly, it is often used today as a metaphor for a brainless lunk or entity who serves man under controlled conditions but is hostile to him under others.[citation needed] “Golem” passed into Yiddish as goylem to mean someone who is clumsy or slow.

I then recalled a certain quote from Bertrand Russell:

Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.”

Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society (1953) p. 50

And this one, from the same passage:

“Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.”

Might the concept of “selective breeding”, or eugenics, extend to manipulation of DNA via the nanotech? I’d read that DNA molecules are quantum antennae. Could it be they intended to tweak our very DNA to alter us at such a fundamental level that we were no longer able to connect with “the other side”, so to speak, and would be permanently hard-wired to obey EMF transmissions from a central AI?

In those days, one of my pastimes was playing with anagram generators. As I sat there reeling through a litany of such ideas, the thought came out of nowhere to pull up a generator and plug in the word “fluoxetine”, the name for the fluoride molecule that is the active ingredient in Prozac. Two hits near the top of the results made me start to feel a bit dizzy. They were:

Toluene Fix

Futile Oxen

So that you can understand the massive significance of those two anagrams, some background explanation is in order.

Jim Stone, the investigator who had exposed the Fukushima disaster as a case of nuclear and industrial sabotage, had released the abstract for another report on antidepressants. Based on thousands of pages of documents he had hacked from GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, Stone had discovered that those drugs are designed specifically to burn out the frontal lobe of the brain and thereby destroy the higher emotions in all but a small percentage of patients. Victims typically experience a burst of creativity and euphoria before the burnout finally ensues; the “high” to which they are gradually ramped up over the course of two or three weeks is on a par with that of MDMA (Ecstasy). Many who try to quit experience horrendous withdrawal symptoms. Stone also stated in no uncertain terms that the brain damage is identical to that sustained by huffing industrial solvents to get high.


Well, what is toluene? An industrial solvent. So, “toluene fix”. Cute. Coincidence? Given the elites’ love of what former Church of Satan priest Mark Passio refers to as “green language” – intricate occultic word-play – I am not inclined to think so, especially when I consider it alongside the second anagram, “futile oxen”.

Recall the “title” of my “download”: THE GOLEMIZATION OF MANKIND. The golem is a figment of Judaic lore; and Judaism’s holiest canon, the Talmud, is graphically explicit about the Judaic view of non-Judaists.

On the house of the Goy one looks as on the fold of cattle.

Tosefta, Tractate Erubin VIII

The seed of the goyim is like an animal.

Sanhedrin 74b

All Gentile children are animals.

Yebamoth 98a

The difference between a Jewish soul and souls of non-Jews—all of them in all different levels—is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the souls of cattle.

Rabbi Kook the Elder

Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel…Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi [Arabic, meaning lord or master] and eat.

Rabbi Ovadia Josef

I could go on and on. The Judaic view of non-Jews as “cattle”, “animals”, and “beasts of burden” lies at the very core of the religion. Interesting it is, then, that buried within the name of the active ingredient of psychiatry’s hallmark antidepressant, Prozac, is a reference to “futile oxen”.

While I’m on the topic of Prozac, I’ll hammer the point home with another anecdote from my distant past. As a university student in the early 90’s, I was diagnosed with “bipolar disorder” and placed on a revolving cocktail of antidepressants. (Yes, I am one who survived.) I was placed under the “care” of an intern at the state psychiatric hospital, a sullen female in her 30’s who mechanically insisted that my condition was completely physiological and “just like diabetes”. I distinctly remember her refusal to look me in the eye during our sessions. She acted like a woman with a soul worn down to a festering mush by guilty conscience. Spread across her desk were those assorted office trinkets typically gifted to physicians by traveling pharmaceutical sales personnel – pens and paperweights and letter openers and the like – but among them all, one stood out. I remember it as clearly as what I ate this morning. It was a tear-off notepad about three inches square and one inch thick. At the top of the note paper was the Prozac logo. At the bottom was this slogan, in all caps:


I couldn’t have fathomed at the time the horrendous implications of that phrase, but it etched itself indelibly into my memory. Now I know. I understand. I was driven to her office by psychotronic torture, and that slogan laid out, in just two words, the ultimate aim of an agenda: to MAXIMIZE the COMPLIANCE of the “oxen”. I firmly believe that she knew of this agenda, which was why at no point in our interactions was she ever able to look me in the eye. I can’t forensically prove it, but I know this in the marrow of my bones to be the case, and I am certain that a great many thousands of psychiatrists and other physicians are complicit in a sweeping effort to institutionalize and destroy as many dissidents and other undesirables as possible. If that sounds extreme, it’s because it IS. If it sounds too extreme to be realistic, then I would suggest you look into how the current (2016) regime treats its war veterans: as “threats to national security” who are routinely thrown into psychiatric wards, even by non-psychiatric doctors, for visiting VA hospitals with purely somatic complaints.

Consider for example this snippet — NOT from a conspiracy forum, but a health one:

Dear Emmanuel from Lagos, Nigeria, I can NOT buy BHT for you because of the mistrust between the USA and Nigeria. I know there are many good Nigerians, but there are some who are considered terrorists by the USA. Also, I am on an American FBI watch list because of our President [ Obama`s ] ” operation vigilant eagle “. This Obama policy places all war veterans on said watch list and I am a war veteran. This is a serious issue for me. I was placed in or on a psychiatric lock ward last year when I went to the VA [ Veterans Administration ] for help for pain resulting from an old but severe gunshot wound to and through my abdomen. They took me into custody and sent me to this lock ward. You are locked up and considered a mental case. Luckily I got a good psychiatrist who realized this was non-sense and saw to it I got released in about one week.

So I am in a situation where I am already being watched by US authorities for being a war veteran. If you think that is BS you can learn about operation ” Vigilant Eagle ” here: http://pamelageller.com/2013/05/obama-war-on-free-speech-targets-our-vets-operation-vigilant-eagle.html/

If this is how the regime treats war veterans — most of whom presumably are not even active dissidents, only potential ones — then that gives you an indication how boundless is the evil that it serves and propagates.

This is certainly not to say that all TI’s are considered active or even potential political dissidents; but a great many of them are. To my knowledge, no one has seen the actual criteria by which targets are selected for individual harassment. My main point here is that the medical establishment and pharmaceutical industries have been weaponized to target the people, and I believe that one purpose for psychotronic abuse is to drive victims to the psychiatrist’s couch, where unconscientious or unscrupulous shrinks can convince them to destroy themselves with drugs designed expressly for that purpose.

Understanding the concept of weaponization is key to building and maintaining your firewall. Those behind the psychotronic torture, the pharmaceuticals, the aerial spraying filling our skies with nanoparticulates, the toxic vaccines killing our children, the GMOs poisoning our food supplies; the satanic architects of a global technocracy without borders or escape, the ghouls waging endless war against innocents for financial profit and black magic gain, the fiends laying waste any nation that dares resist their dystopian agenda: these “people”, if one can so call them, do not think like you or I, do not act like you or I, do not see life or the world as you or I do. They plan in terms of decades, generations. The murder of billions means nothing to them. They are utterly relentless, without pity or remorse. They never doubt themselves, and they never, ever stop. The money they print out of nothing and lend to our weasel “governments” at interest is plentiful enough for them to keep their underlings at think tanks and laboratories working around the clock toward facilitating the completion of their plans. They have resources at their disposal that you and I can scarcely imagine; and those resources they have marshaled against us along every conceivable vector, and more.

Look at the world around you: your environment, your habitat. Virtually everything you see, no matter how benign it might appear, no matter how helpful or convenient, carries within it at least one function of weaponization. Is this paranoid? Perhaps. Even if so, it is the sort of paranoia that, if managed and used as a tool of perception, without letting fear get the better of us, can increase our chances of bodily longevity and, ultimately, spiritual survival in this treacherous world.

So, the first thing to understand, if you haven’t already: the powers above the governments — the dark occultists, the money sorcerers, the internationalist banksters and financiers — hate us as the free-will children of a Divine Creator and wish to destroy the Divine Light within us. They wish to destroy our capacity to choose light over darkness, intelligent love over abject hatred, right over wrong, good over evil, by corrupting our souls, by undermining or destroying our Free Will, thereby MAXIMIZING COMPLIANCE and making resistance to their agenda impossible.

But it is actually more accurate to say that they want to get us, wheresoever possible, to visit the destruction on ourselves. The dark occultists, according to former Church of Satan high priest Mark Passio, operate under the Seven Principles of Natural Law. Passio claims that these principles represent an impartial understanding of how this Universe really functions — knowledge, according to him, that the occultists have systematically distorted and dispensed to the masses, packaged as the “New Age Movement”, to mislead us and maintain the power differential created by our ignorance.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The Seven Principles are Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause & Effect, and Gender. For the purposes of discussing how the “elite” occultists use this knowledge against us while shielding themselves against the consequences, I am going to focus on Principles 1, 2, 3, 6, and 7: Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Cause & Effect, and Gender. All slides are by Passio and are featured in his lengthy Natural Law Seminar, which I strongly recommend that you take the time to watch.

1. Mentalism


The Principle of Mentalism makes it quite clear that the dark occultists do not share the materialist outlook of the scientific establishment that they fund and therefore control. Science holds that matter is fundamental, and Mind a passive, illusory product of the gray matter in our skulls. In truth, it is Mind — Consciousness — that precedes and determines physical reality. This is true in at least two senses. First, our mental activities lead to actions, and actions to results, be they situations or skyscrapers. Second, and more metaphysically speaking, Consciousness literally precedes and produces the physical universe that we experience. Meditators have been saying this for thousands of years, and they happen to be correct where modern science is now mistaken. The physicists will never find an ultimate building block of matter, because it doesn’t exist. Mind is not the illusion: rather, matter is a sort of informational illusion arising from the field of pure Consciousness; and it is our individual minds, which arise simultaneously from that field, that decode the information into a physical world experience.

Another dimension of this truth is that it determines our degree of happiness, our quality of life. To quote Shakyamuni Buddha in the Dhammapada:

We are what we think.
All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts we make the world.
Speak or act with an impure mind
And trouble will follow you
As the wheel follows the ox that draws the cart.

We are what we think.
All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts we make the world.
Speak or act with a pure mind
And happiness will follow you
As your shadow, unshakable.

One of the primary objectives of psychotronic influence is to take your pre-existing issues, ramp them up, and weaponize them against you. What “impurities” already exist, the tech seeks to augment them so as to poison your mental skies, to overshadow and eclipse what is good and pure within you. According to the Principle of Mentalism, if your mind persists in such conditions, this will inevitably manifest in your outer destruction.

As Targeted Individuals, we can find immediate hope in this Principle, for it means that we have vastly much more power over ourselves, our lives, our world, than the cult of modern science constantly leads us to believe. Science teaches that we are isolated beings, mere meat computers with illusory minds trapped inside our skulls — minds that are mere products of our physiology and, therefore, powerless against psychotronic influence. And of course this is exactly what the dark occultists behind The Program want us to believe, precisely because they know that our beliefs are so powerful, that they can either free us from this technological tyranny, or render us utterly defenseless.

This is why, as I will reiterate further on, the first step toward taking back your mind and firewalling it against psychotronic influence is to acknowledge and affirm that the influence is real. Any doubts you may have, the tech will take advantage by amplifying and reinforcing them, which throws your very sanity back into question.

So, to sum up: if you are experiencing the symptoms of psychotronic torture, but are otherwise functional — if you feel tortured by negative thoughts and emotions without any rational and corresponding connection to the outer circumstances of your life — then it is best to accept the reality of the influence 100%, with the totality of your mind and soul.

2. Correspondence


Though this principle has only an indirect bearing on the topic of your Firewall, it is an important one. It has to do with the dark occultists’ view of you, the TI, in context of their larger view of the universe.

To put it bluntly, they don’t see most of us as victims, and they feel justified in torturing most any of us. This is because most of us participate in the torture and murder of “lower” life forms on this planet. The Principle of Correspondence stipulates that as we treat what is “below” us, so can we justifiably be treated by what is “above”.

Not everyone can manage to observe a strict vegan diet, but minimizing your participation in the torture and murder of animals weakens “their” case in this regard. To borrow a serviceable term, I think it also strengthens your defenses by “raising your vibration” — speaking of which:

3. Vibration


Everything is ultimately vibrational in nature. That includes the technology used against TIs, and it also includes YOU. Which one do you think has the greater power and sophistication? An AI mindlessly calculating, processing, and routing protocols, or YOU, a living Creation of the Creator, gifted with Divine Free Will and Imagination?

If you are a TI, then it is by your vibrational “signature” or “fingerprint” that you are tracked and targeted. Owing to our dynamic nature as Free Will Beings, I am suspicious of this concept of the EMF “fingerprint” — as if to imply that it is something so constant and inalterable as that. One topic I am presently exploring is how to modulate your “signature” in ways that no computer can predict, with Free Will choice as the randomizer.

The Principles of Vibration and Mentalism very clearly reveal that the dark occultists perpetrate psychotronic torture and mind control with the understanding that their success depends on our ignorance of how the universe works and of how amazing we really are.

4. Polarity


5. Rhythm


[A quick note on this Principle: one way to tell if you are being targeted is that your thoughts and emotions LACK any sort of natural rhythm; the Weather meditation serves in this regard as an effective diagnostic tool.]

6. Cause & Effect


When reading my commentary on the Principle of Correspondence, you might have wondered: well, doesn’t it also apply to them as well? In other words, how do the dark occultists escape the karmic consequences for the evil that they do?

The answer is that they don’t actually DO it. They just pay the money and give the orders. Those who take the money and follow the orders — the ones that actually DO the evil — are the ones that incur the negative karma. (Please bear in mind that I am not arguing this point on my own behalf, but rather telling you what the occultists believe.)

7. Gender


The Principle of Gender is only tangentially related to the topic of your Firewall, but it is worth pointing out that gender, too, has been weaponized via pop culture, “progressive” politics, and hormonal manipulation. The globalist social engineering agenda requires that men be stripped of their masculinity and women turned against their feminine nature. As this requirement is fulfilled, it is plain to see that the results are constant strife between the sexes, hopeless confusion, and the impossibility of men and women banding together to fight their common enemy.

On a personal level, I believe that your defenses against psychotronic influence will be at their strongest if you are firmly grounded in your gender. If you’re a man, exercise and assert your masculinity with no “politically correct” apologies to anybody. If you’re a woman, do the same with your femininity. Don’t be bamboozled by the insanity of gender politics. All the cultural Marxist garbage being rammed down people’s throats these days is meant to weaken their minds and spirits so they can all the more easily be destroyed. Maintaining strict garbage filters and standing firmly on the ground of your Natural Being are essential to defending yourself against the enemy’s attacks.


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